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Life Span Domestic Violence Counseling for Women


Life Span Counseling Programs

Life Span's Women's Counselors provide support and information to victims of domestic violence in both individual and group settings. Our goal in providing counseling is to empower battered women to make educated decisions in their own best interest.

Experienced counselors provide women the opportunity to share their experiences, explore their options and develop their potential. Counselors who specialize in helping victims of domestic violence provide individualized support to help women identify their feelings and promote their abilities to make choices.

Counseling Groups

Groups provide an opportunity for women to break their isolation by sharing their experiences and discovering the resources and options available to them. General support groups for battered and abused women are offered on an ongoing basis. We also offer focused groups which address specific concerns expressed by our clients, such as self-esteem, divorce and parenting issues.

Parenting Support

Our MOTHER'S GROUP is offered in conjunction with individual counseling for both the mother and her children. The group focuses on providing support and empowering women as mothers. Participants develop practical and non-judgmental alternatives to discipline and learn how to reinforce positive interactions with their children and develop new ways to approach parenting.

Immigrant Women

Battered IMMIGRANT WOMEN who do not have legal immigration documents to reside in the United States face serious challenges to obtaining safety and freedom from abuse. These women suffer the terror of domestic violence made worse by language and cultural barriers. Immigrant battered women are often unfamiliar with the American justice system, are fearful of police, and are powerless to counter the abuser's control over them. Life Span's Immigration Project offers hope to these women, and a real opportunity to improve their lives and the lives of their children.

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